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SEP-UFO-A separators are used as pre-filters, for capturing the dry and coarse dust particles, arising during various technological processes. Additionally, separators are appropriate for other purposes:

  • spark neutralisation – during some processes, e.g. welding and metal grinding,
  • capturing various sorts of harmful waste materials, e.g. non-extinguished particles, glowing cigarettebutts, that would enter the discharge ducting, and subsequently into the final filter, during the use of a careless operator.

Due to their above mentioned features, separators protect the final filters from excessive dustiness overload and from the possible fire risk. SEP-UFO-A separators can work with any chosen final filters of approximately similar volume flow, especially with the UFO-A filtering units – as they are dimensionally adapted. Separators are not equipped with a fan. The air flow is created by the fan of the final filtering unit.